torsdag den 15. juli 2010

『! 11』 150710

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fun fact; the water was cut off at my aunt's the day before, so my cousin and i had to shower at the lake after carrying buckets of lake water to the house in case we needed some to .. you know.. the toilet. asjalfdflgjfagkafh;; it was so hilarious i couldn't stop laughing. i've never had to go through THAT much survival during a vacation before and .. i guess it's nice to try something new? but never again. do not want to smell like lake water and itch all over my body again.

『! 10』 150710

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the bestfriend is back from thailand. he called and .. idk.. i just realized how much he means to me. he's the only one who's just.. really there? idk. no words are needed. we had a brief period where we didn't talk, but no words were needed when it came to forgiving each other. and yesterday, he told me how this bitch who was once a friend but she stole my boyfriend was out to get him too; and i just stiffened at the mention of her name cause yea, obviously. he reassured me many times that he'll always be by my side no matter what and i just really really started hoping again, you know? i've had the "when you don't hope you don't hurt" train of thought for long, but he keeps promosing me things he CAN keep and it just makes me want to hope again.

we decided to spend time in thailand together next year. he'll go with his family during april next year for 3 weeks, and spend the last 2 weeks of vacation with me during summer. we've decided that we stay in bangkok for one week(or possibly less, because we want to go to "let's sea" in hua hin, the hotel is gorgeous - check it out) and then he offered that we could stay at his house in udon for the last few days. it really made me happy. why? he's the first one to offer his house to crash at in terms of vacation. i've only had people stay with me, and it felt nice to know that i was welcomed at his place. i love you.

tirsdag den 13. juli 2010

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you know how you think you're someone's close friend, yet they don't consider you close enough to share their troubles or let you help them shoulder their burdens? to me, friendship is about being in things together; helping each other through it - not keeping it to yourself or telling other mutual friends without telling me.
i mean, cool; i'm up for helping anybody any day - but heck, what's the point in helping and giving advice when they don't listen just because "you don't know it all" and don't want to tell you? either tell me everything or just tell me nothing at all. it dissapoints me to know that people around me have been knowing more than me, listening to me blindly trying to help and give advice on something they knew 100% about. guess i'm not considered a close friend after all. it didn't happen just once, it happened a few times already. idek anymore...

mandag den 12. juli 2010

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moodswings; bitchfits; you yell - i yell back. you throw question after question at me; and i don't have any answers. i'm tired, you're tired; we're both tired. i feel like i'm the one getting blamed for all of this, and i know that you know deep down inside that part of this is also your fault.
you won't life a finger when i'm around, yet you nag about me when i'm infront of the computer.

i guess when you are young, forever is just too long.

my bags are packed and the car is set, just need to run a few errands and i'm getting someone to drive me somewhere; don't know where to yet though. just away from here.
you need this. i need this.
it's not about changing, it's about me coming back and not having to go through the same again.


fredag den 2. juli 2010

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A few days ago, my stepdad to my mother and I to a summer grill "party" with the navy-union. Although it wasn't fun in that party kinda way, I found the whole thing quite relaxing. I met a lot of my stepdads associates, and it felt nice to be introduced to a bigger part of his life like the navy-union. I met quite a few important and powerful people, and someone that I know will be the person I'd probably benefit from knowing - The director of Novo-science. Anyways, to make a long story short, she's the person in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly with their accosiates in China, so she travels down there once a month. Basically my dream job. And she doesn't even speak Chinese, but that's besides the point; it'll only be a plus for me if I continue my studies.