søndag den 20. juni 2010

『! 2』 210610

Something bad happened yesterday. Someone whom I love and respect as a real sister, wanted to buy me some jewelry for my birthday. Well mainly because she forgot about it, so she wanted to compensate. However, I wasn't aware that she is in debt, struggling to find a job. But her friend came and told me that, so I quickly changed my reply and edited it out and tried to tell her that I'd rather not want her to buy me a gift because the thought is enough. However, her friend was really polite and sweet - but gurl went "does your parents know about this? why didn't they stop you?" as if I was only out to get her money. I was like, wtf? What does my parents have anything to do with it.

Then, I saw how another one of my sister's friend had typed about me in korean, warning her about me. Literally saying "foreigners shouldn't be trusted casually" and basically telling her not to trust me, but before you guys say "it could be directed at any foreigner" - my name was written too. First of all, I think it's incredibly stupid to be writing my name since I'll recognize it instantly. Second of all, I have actually been studying korean long enough to read and get a vague impression of what exactly he typed. And a friend of mine confirmed it as well.

Just because I'm not Korean like you guys are, doesn't mean that I'm some kind of disease other people need to be warned about. ugh.

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