søndag den 27. juni 2010

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Met up with a friend from my old school. She randomly messaged me on facebook asking me if I was doing anything special, if not, we could hang out. And who was I to decline? :) I've got so much time on my hands right now. I can literally sleep just as much as I want, and no need to stress or fuss over anything. We met up at ofelia beach to "watch" football; to enjoy the night atmosphere of Copenhagen. It's amazing. The weather's not too cold nor too hot. We talked about absolutely every to anything. It feels nice. To catch up with someone, finding lost time, and reminiscing old times together. It really hit me today how long it has been since the last time I spoke - like REALLY spoke with someone from my school. I bet going our separete ways really did change us in many ways. It's funny how we talk about keeping in touch when we really don't do it.

and as usual, Munin and Sabine style; we go eat mc donalds food at idek what time at night. Screw diets. I'm pigging out until the end of the month, just let me.

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