mandag den 12. juli 2010

『! 8』 120710

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moodswings; bitchfits; you yell - i yell back. you throw question after question at me; and i don't have any answers. i'm tired, you're tired; we're both tired. i feel like i'm the one getting blamed for all of this, and i know that you know deep down inside that part of this is also your fault.
you won't life a finger when i'm around, yet you nag about me when i'm infront of the computer.

i guess when you are young, forever is just too long.

my bags are packed and the car is set, just need to run a few errands and i'm getting someone to drive me somewhere; don't know where to yet though. just away from here.
you need this. i need this.
it's not about changing, it's about me coming back and not having to go through the same again.


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