tirsdag den 13. juli 2010

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you know how you think you're someone's close friend, yet they don't consider you close enough to share their troubles or let you help them shoulder their burdens? to me, friendship is about being in things together; helping each other through it - not keeping it to yourself or telling other mutual friends without telling me.
i mean, cool; i'm up for helping anybody any day - but heck, what's the point in helping and giving advice when they don't listen just because "you don't know it all" and don't want to tell you? either tell me everything or just tell me nothing at all. it dissapoints me to know that people around me have been knowing more than me, listening to me blindly trying to help and give advice on something they knew 100% about. guess i'm not considered a close friend after all. it didn't happen just once, it happened a few times already. idek anymore...

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